Verizon introduces Galaxy Note competitor

Samsung doesn't offer its Galaxy Note tablet-phone on Verizon, so the carrier has turned to LG.

Edge-to-edge screen for Motorola's next-gen smartphone?

Motorola Mobility and Verizon will reportedly introduce a next-gen smartphone on September 5 that features an edge-to-edge screen and works with LTE networks.

Droid Incredible 2 update remains in limbo

It's almost the end of August and HTC has not updated its plans to roll out Ice Cream Sandwich to the Droid Incredible 2.

Radio Shack mobile carrier rumors intensify

Internal Radio Shack information shows that the company is planning its own mobile network.

Verizon to offer Windows 8 Phones this year

Verizon is fully in support of Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

Verizon preventing Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean

If you have a Galaxy Nexus phone and don't have the latest version of Android yet, blame Verizon.

Motorola Droid Razr HD videos leak, get pulled

Videos of a new Motorola phone were posted and then quickly pulled from Youtube.

DoJ approves Verizon/Comcast deal - with changes

The Department of Justice has approved Verizon's planned $3.9 billion acquisition of spectrum from Comcast, subject to conditions designed to safeguard competition.

Radio Shack wants to be its own mobile carrier

After hocking other company's mobile service plans for years, Radio Shack thinks it can step into the game and compete directly with the big boys.

Verizon Fios Samsung app nixes cable box

We're getting closer and closer to getting rid of the dreaded cable box.

AT&T to launch shared data plans

AT&T will take a page out of Verizon's playbook later this month.

Verizon to allow third-party tethering apps

Verizon will no longer block Android users from using third-party apps for mobile data tethering.

Report: Comcast to launch 305 Mbps Internet

Comcast is apparently working on a blazing-fast high-speed Internet service.

Text-to-donate faces problems for Obama, Romney

The emerging market of text-to-pay isn't quite set up for presidential politics.

Verizon responds to 'Share Everything' criticism

Verizon believes its new data plans make sense - for certain users.

Verizon begins Galaxy S III pre-orders

If you're on Verizon, you can lock down your order of the phone that could be the new Android standard.

Samsung Galaxy S III to hit all major carriers

The Galaxy S III will go against the traditional mobile mold and soon be available on every major carrier in the US.

Sprint to sever Nextel network next year: report

The "Nextel" part of Sprint Nextel will officially be a thing of the past by around this time next year.

Verizon puts major streaming services into one app

Streaming video is about to get a lot easier, if you have a Verizon phone.

Isis solidifies retail partnerships

It's time for mobile payments to fully get underway.