Should Hollywood Fear the 4K TV?

We’ve recently run several reports here on TGD about a new Samsung TV that costs $150,000. It’s being called the 4K TV because it has four times the pixels of regular hi-def TVs, but some experts will argue that past a certain point your eye can’t tell the difference anymore.

On the future of television

When I was a kid my father bought a fancy motorized TV antenna for our roof that could rotate by turning a dial on a box sitting on top of the TV set.

When the adult industry pushed new technology

We can thank adult entertainment for a lot of new home technology we enjoy today.

An accidental home video pioneer

During the early days of the home video revolution, VCRs were really expensive and so were movies on VHS and Betamax. 

Rewind This!

I have very fond memories of the VCR boom, and, once way back when, thought it was amazing you could actually own movies and watch them at home. 

Bad Teacher tries new secondary market format

Secondary markets have been a big boon to the movie business - even though the major studios were initially against the VCR way back when.

Those old VHS memories

It's easy to have a lot of fun thinking back to the early days of home video. Even though I couldn't afford tons of movies I still rented and copied films off TV like crazy.

How to start your own film print collection

The age of the VCR was a bit of a strange experience for Steven Spielberg.