Vatican fingered in porn trace

The Vatican is the only country on the planet with zero live births. However that doesn’t mean that the residents of this tiny city state, which was granted independence by Benito Mussolini in 1929, do not indulge in sexually explicit shenanigans. 

Vatican dismisses Batman hack

Fears that the Vatican's Twitter and website might have been hacked after a somewhat strange story about Batman was posted have been infallibly dismissed.

Anonymous brings down Vatican website

Anonymous is claiming to have brought down several Vatican websites, which were offline for most of Wednesday.

Anonymous gets analyzed

Security outfit Imperva has published a report that purportedly reveals 
a number of strategic details behind an Anonymous attack against the Vatican during a 25-day period in 2011.

The Pope is now on Twitter

Pretty much no one has an excuse for not being on Twitter now.

Vatican disapproves of confessional app

It was approved of by local pastors and even a bishop, but the iPhone app that lets users "confess" while they're away from church is not earning any smiles at the top of the chain of command.