How spinach helps produce electricity

Don't eat your spinach. Put it on your solar panel instead.

Radiation damages electronics more than thought

Radiation causes ten times as much structural damage to electronic materials at the atomic level as previously believed, say scientists using a new investigation technique.

Rogue stars found in intergalactic space

Astronomers at Vanderbilt University have managed to identify nearly 700 rogue stars that were likely ejected from the Milky Way galaxy.

Tiny ribbons could cool computers

Engineers at Vanderbilt University say they've found a new cooling technology for computer chips, lasers and other devices.

Team stamps out nanodevices with a vise

A team from Vanderbilt University says it's found a quick and easy way of producing low cost nanodevices.

Could Large Hadron Collider be world's first time machine?

The Large Hadron Collider could - just possibly - be capable of causing matter to travel backwards in time.

Cheap graphene film used for self-cleaning glass

A team at Vanderbilt University has found a way of using graphene to create windshields that don't need wipers.

New liquid crystal could transform digital displays

Chemists at Vanderbilt University have created a new type of liquid crystals with unique electrical properties that they say could revolutionize digital displays.