Legendary Led Zeppelin photographer to publish ebook

Although there have been many great rock photographers throughout the years, you still get the feeling rock photography is still not taken seriously in many corners.

David Lee Roth sounds off on Van Halen

It was just about this time last year that Van Halen, minus original bassist Michael Anthony, put out their first album with Roth since 1984, A Different Kind Of Truth, and went on a sold-out headlining tour.

Should guitar heroes beware of toxic guitar strings?

When Guitar Hero was all the rage, it was certainly a challenging game, but at the same time it also made real guitar playing seem like another challenge you could conquer.

Lottery winner wants GNR to reunite

No matter how much you explain to people over and over again it’s never going to happen, there are still many people who out there who insist on believing that Guns N’ Roses will one day reunite.

Van Halen denies turmoil, tour set to wrap up

This February, snow warnings in hell were issued when Van Halen finally released a new album with David Lee Roth on vocals, their first with the singer since the 1984 album. 

Van Halen M&Ms and Axl at gunpoint

Even if you know next to nothing about rock n' roll or Van Halen, everybody knows the brown M&Ms story.

Metallica goes back to work

James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business, but Metallica's also had one of the strongest work ethics of any band out there, especially when it comes to touring.

Is Van Halen coming apart already?

This February, Van Halen finally put out their first album with David Lee Roth in nearly thirty years, A Different Kind of Truth.

Van Halen is on fire, Eddie talks survival

They said it couldn't be done in a million years, but somehow Van Halen actually finished an album, released it, and have been on tour in the US for several months now without killing each other. 

Go figure.

Van Halen - the truth hits the charts

In today’s music biz, having a hit on the charts can mean even greater success than before, especially considering nobody’s actually buying music these days. 

Slash tweets Van Halen

With Van Halen's new album, A Different Kind of Truth, finally unleashed on the world February 7, and with big first week sales projections in an era when nobody's buying any music at all, the band is indeed finally back. 

Van Halen on track for first big week

The music business, or whatever's left of it, sure isn't what it used to be, so if anyone's buying music at all, it's a miracle. 

Van Halen rocks LA warm up gig

I'm certain all Van Halen die-hards have these dates memorized by now, but just in case, their first new album with David Lee Roth since 1984, A Different Kind of Truth, goes live on February 7.

David Lee Roth talks Van Halen

For a long time in the Van Halen camp, things looked very shaky at best that they'd ever be able to hold it together and get an album finished, let alone out in the world. 

Van Halen's Wild Past

Being a card carrying metalhead since I was 12, I know how fanatical some fans can be. 

Van Halen: More new album and DVD details

If you're a real Van Halen fan, are you ready to show your love and buy their new album on vinyl? 

New Van Halen single drops

Finally, after seemingly an eternity, the first new music from Van Halen with David Lee Roth, the song Tattoo, went live this past week. 

A different kind of truth for Van Halen

As reported here on TG, Van Halen finally played its first gig with Diamond David Lee Roth since 2008, and their long awaited new album, A Different Kind of Truth, is set to go live on February 7.

Van Halen plays warm up show in NYC

After years of speculation and unanswered questions, Van Halen with David Lee Roth back on vocals played a warm up show on January 5 at Café Wha?

Can Van Halen hold it together?

There's been tons of speculation since Van Halen's reunion tour ended years ago about when the band would finally record a new album with David Lee Roth and hit the road again.