Spielberg’s Lincoln hits theaters November 9

Abraham Lincoln already graced our nation’s screens this summer in the fictional form of Vampire Hunter. 

Vampire Hunter is no Twilight

While zombies may soon be reaching their peak in pop culture, vampires are indeed still going strong, and one needs to look no further than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Vampire Hunter premieres on the USS Abraham Lincoln

The trailers and commercials for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter look pretty sweet indeed.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter behind the scenes

It’s funny how things wind up in the zeitgeist and we end up with a bunch of gladiator movies, two asteroid films, two werewolf flicks, etc.

Get ready for a summer of sci-fi

If you’re a genre fan, you don’t just look forward to the summer for the warmer weather, you also look forward to spending hot days in an air conditioned movie theater, checking out the latest blockbusters.

Lincoln the vampire hunter

It’s too bad Phil Hartman isn’t around anymore to make fun of this on The Simpsons, it’s almost something Troy McClure would star in, you could even call it Lincoln Vs. Lincoln.