Defective Heat Sinks Causing Garbage Gaming

When Valve’s customers have performance problems in our games we sometimes ask them to send in xperf traces for us to examine. In some cases this lets me find performance bugs that didn’t show up during our testing, and fixing these issues makes our games run faster for ...

Report: Valve experiments with eye tracking and sweat response

Thinking about the staff roster at a major game developer such as Valve, I would expect to see computer programmers, graphic artists, and all sorts of other executives and workers on the list.

Valve's Steam offers early access to beta games

Valve has rolled out a new Steam program that allows users to play games in beta status.

On the future of Valve's Steam Box

Valve has yet to officially confirm specs for its upcoming Steam Box, although that hasn't stopped rampant speculation and analysis about the system's future in our living rooms.

Valve no longer associated with Xi3? Not so fast.

The uber-mini Xi3 Piston small form factor gaming computer first debuted at CES 2013 in January, where Xi3 also confirmed it had received an investment from Valve for the device.

Xi3 Piston pre-orders kick off at $900

Xi3 Corporation has officially kicked off pre-orders for its slick little Piston compact gaming PC at a $1,000 price point.

Valve's Steambox prototype may be imminent

We've been hearing rumblings about a Linux-powered gaming machine from Valve for some time now.

Is Infinity Ward testing Valve's Steam Box Piston?

During CES 2013 this past January, a tiny little gaming system from Xi3 and Valve tipped up. As you may recall, the machine was hailed as a prototype of Valve's upcoming Steam Box Piston.

In defense of in-game micro-transactions

You may not recognize the name Cliff Bleszinski, but if you're a fan of Epic's Gears of War franchise, you undoubtedly have seen his work.

Is Apple the biggest threat to Valve's Steam Box?

You might think a company looking to bring its video game console to market would be most concerned with competing systems.

Xi3 and Valve design a Steam-optimized PC

Xi3 and Valve have teamed up to design a Steam-optimized PC for use with large high-definition televisions in Big Picture mode.

Steam for Linux is now in public beta

Valve has rolled out a public beta of Steam for the open-source Linux operating system.

Valve's Big Picture for Steam is now live

Valve's Big Picture feature for Steam went live today, along with a sale on 30 controller-enabled games.

Newell talks engines, Kickstarters, platforms, and the future of gaming

A group of image board fans in the Valve lobby got some answers out of the famously secretive developer.

Steam Linux beta begins next week

The much anticipated Linux version of Valve's digital download platform Steam will reach beta mode next week.

Valve eyes 2013 for hardware beta

Valve's hardware division tentatively eyes 2013 for the first beta test of unspecified system.

Valve's Big Picture is going live on Steam

Valve has released a trailer teasing the imminent roll-out of its Big Picture beta on Steam. 

Valve's indie Steam Greenlight gets a $100 submission fee

With the raging success of indie video game devs raising cash on Kickstarter, it was expected that Valve would move quickly to fire up its crowd-sourced Steam Greenlight platform.

Valve wants to hire hardware experts

Software company Valve wants to get into the hardware game.

Black Mesa is Half-Life rebooted

Even though it debuted years ago, one of my all-time favorite FPS games is still Half-Life.