This building helps fight pollution

As beautiful as Utah is, it has a serious pollution problem, particularly in the winter when emissions from power plants and cars and the full range of human activities conspire with Mother Nature – the weather and the unique topography of the Salt Lake City area – to trap air in the Salt Lake Valley.

FBI arrests Anonymous suspect over Utah attacks

The FBI has arrested an Ohio resident suspected of participating in two recent Anonymous attacks against law enforcement websites in Utah.

Army bio base in mysterious lockdown

Uh oh? A U.S. Army base located in the state of Utah is in full lockdown as the military attempts to resolve a "serious concern."

Woman gets hit by car, sues Google

A woman injured by a car on a busy road is suing Google for giving her dangerous walking directions.

Only 2.5% of people can call-and-drive successfully

Do you really think you can use a cell phone and drive at the same time, without losing any focus at all? If you can, you're a very rare breed, according to a study that looked at a new way to analyze the mobile phone effect while driving.