Google’s location-based security system can protect your phone whenever you leave the house

The folks over at Engadget noticed that Google has applied for a rather interesting new patent. According to the USPTO application, it is a “location-based security system for portable electronic device.” What this means is an awesome new way to automatically ramp up your phone’s security depending on ...

Apple fails to appropriate English word

Apple’s bid to trademark the iPad Mini has failed, quite spectacularly. The US Patents and Trademarks Office kindly told Cupertino lawyers that they cannot have a trademark on “iPad Mini” since the law doesn’t really allow anyone to trademark a description of the product, reports Forbes. 

Patent office changes mind about crucial Apple patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has reviewed one of the Apple patents that led to a $1.05 billion ruling against Samsung - and decided that it isn't valid after all.

Patent reform bill passed

The Senate has passed a patent reform bill that marks the biggest change to the patent process in decades.

US Patent Office wants your hard earned cash

Patent applications are at all time high but it's not the inventors who are making the gains.