Oldest Earth-observing satellite to retire

The US Geological Survey is to decomission Landsat 5 - the longest-operating Earth observing satellite mission ever.

Thawing permafrost could lead to massive carbon release

As much as 44 billion tons of nitrogen and 850 billion tons of carbon stored in arctic permafrost could be released into the environment over the next century by the effects of global warming.

Large quakes can trigger others around the globe

Very large earthquakes like last April's Sumatra quake can set off others around the world for at least a week, including one as far away as Baja California.

Microbial life like you've never seen it before

The vast but largely unexplored world of microbial organisms is the subject of new and exciting research in the world of microbiology.

US East Coast set for severe sea level rise

Sea level rises are accelerating along parts of the US East Coast as much as four times faster than the average for the rest of the world.

Wastewater injection causes sharp rise in earthquakes

A huge increase in the number of minor earthquakes across the middle of the US is almost certainly caused by wastewater injection from oil or gas drilling, including the controversial technique known as fracking.