Instagram claims it's not losing users

Instagram has started releasing its usage figures following reports that the photo sharing site was hemorrhaging users over privacy concerns.

Has Facebook started its inevitable decline?

A recent report published by analysts at Capstone has confirmed that US users of Facebook declined approximately 1.1 percent over the past 6 months.

Google+ hemorrhages users as novelty wears off

Well, if you haven't got round to joining Google+, you now have a good excuse not to bother: many of those who did have abandoned it.

MySpace hemorrhages users after entertainment relaunch

MySpace lost an extraordinary ten million users in the space of just a month, according to figures from ComScore.

Two billion people to be online this year

A third of the world's population will be online by the end of the year, according to a report from the International Telecommunications Union.

Digg home page hijacked by angry users

Digg users annoyed at the recent changes to the site have managed to flood the home page with links from rival Reddit.

Report: Facebook inadvertently leaks e-mail addresses

Ooops! It seems as if Facebook has somehow managed to inadvertently leak the private e-mail addresses of an unknown number of users.

Secpoint cracks WPA keys with Portable Penetrator

Secpoint has introduced a new "portable penetrator" that offers browser-based wireless vulnerability scanning of large networks across hundreds of IP addresses simultaneously.