Gift card service gives Facebook more user data

In its latest effort to be all things to all people - and make some cash at the same time - Facebook's launched a gift card system.

Twitter ordered to identify French racists

In a landmark ruling, a French court has ordered Twitter to hand over details of users who posted racist and anti-semitic content.

US government user data requests continue to rise, says Google

The US once again heads Google's list of governments that request its user data - and nearly 70 percent of requests came without a warrant.

US government leads requests for Twitter user data

Following in Google's foosteps, Twitter has for the first time produced a Transparency Report, showing that the US government requested more user information than any other in the first half of this year.

Twitter resists handing over user records

Twitter is standing up for one of its users and challenging a court order to hand over his data.

Facebook opens up more user data

Facebook has today improved users' ability to see what information the company is holding about them - but hasn't gone far enough, according to privacy campaigners.

Google consolidates user data with new privacy policy

Google's launching a new privacy policy, bringing together all the information it holds on individual users into a single place.

We're not tapping your data, carriers insist

Carriers are piling in to insist that they're not snaffling user data by using Carrier IQ's tracking software.

Government demands for Google data skyrocket

Google's getting more takedown requests than ever, particularly in the US.

Google gives user data to US government

The US government asks Google for user data more than twice as often as any other, says Google, and is more likely to get its own way.

Friendster to delete user info as part of site overhaul

Ancient social gaming network Friendster is planning a relaunch, and is warning users that all their content will be deleted at the end of May as a result.

FTC calls for greater controls over use of consumer data

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed the creation of a Do Not Track system preventing websites from collecting unauthorized personal data.