USB-IF to Develop Media Agnostic USB Specification

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) announced the development of the Media Agnostic (MA) USB specification. The specification is designed to allow wireless devices and docking stations to communicate over the USB protocol, without the need for a physical USB connection. An important design goal of the specification is ...

Wireless gadgetry in cars to grow 41% in next 4 years

Remember when you thought it was cool your car had a USB socket? Well, geezer, automotive infortainment is going to leave you behind and make someone else really rich. That's right, the blue screen of death will eventually mean, well, the blue screen of death. 

Video: Plug wants to be the brain of your devices

CGC has introduced the Plug, a small adapter designed to act like a central "brain" across multiple devices.

Boring electrical outlets revamped with Inlet

Did you know that the electrical outlet you use to charge your smartphone is virtually identical to the one Frank Sinatra’s parents used to power their living room lamp?

Apple and Intel put the nails in Thunderbolt's coffin

It is starting to look like Intel's and Apple's plan to kill off firewire and USB with Thunderbolt is grinding into a Titanic iceberg.

Companies have to develop BYOD strategies

Despite the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture being praised by organisations, three quarters of them also believe that this new model poses an  increased security threat.

Microsoft plugs hole in USB equivalent of Blackburn

Software giant Microsoft has written a patch for a huge hole in Windows which allowed attackers to use USB-connected drives to take full control of a targeted computer.

PCs-on-a-stick: Is their niche too small even for them?

In recent months there have been almost a dozen announcements about new ultra-small, ultra-cheap, ARM-based, PCs-on-a-stick, but I wonder if there really is a big enough market for these pint-sized PCs.

Digispark is an uber-mini USB Arduino dev board

Arduino dev boards may be all the rage for software devs and hardware modders - but they are often considered overkill for smaller-scale projects. 

100W of power over USB!?!

The USB 3 Promoter group recently finalized a fresh spec for USB power delivery of up to 100W of juice.

Duracell bolsters USB charging options

Noting that some 3 billion USB-enabled devices shipped in 2009 - and that the figure could rise to 4 billion - Duracell announced a new line of portable power inverters and laptop power adapters ready to fire up the gizmos. 

DisplayLink touts Monitor2Go

DisplayLink and Mobile Monitor Technologies have debuted a 15.4-inch portable display. Aptly dubbed Monitor2Go, the $280 display will be showcased this week at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

W00t! Second-gen iPad may get USB’d

Do you love your iPad but hate the fact that Apple refused to include a USB port?

Brits want cell phone kits to diagnose STDs

British researchers are apparently hard at work developing small, inconspicuous cell phone kits capable of diagnosing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) on the fly.

Samsung touts high-speed wireless USB chipset

Samsung has designed an advanced USB chipset that supports high-speed, low-power wireless transfers between mobile and tethered CE devices.

Sony cracks down on PS3 jailbreakers

Sony and its pack of highly trained lawyers have won a temporary injunction banning the sale of a controversial Playstation 3 USB jailbreak hack.

Toradex fits dual-core Tegra 2 on RAM-sized board

Toradex has managed to fit Nvidia's second-gen Tegra chipset (1GHz Cortex A9) on a RAM-sized board.

Plextor touts $99 USB Blu-ray drive

Plextor has introduced an ultra-affordable, external Blu-ray drive at a $99 price point.

USB typewriter spotted in the wild

A talented Steampunk modder by the name of Jack Zylkin has converted a number of typewriters into fully-functioning USB keyboards.

Cherrypal debuts $99 Android laptop

Cherrypal has debuted a $99 laptop that runs Android 1.6. The device - which is dubbed Cherrypal Asia - features a VIA ARM9 533Mhz processor, 256MB RAM, 3 USB 2.0, 2GB local storage and full keyboard.