Irrational hackers are a bigger threat to US

Cybersecurity researchers are getting more worried that focusing on "rational" attackers such as the Chinese might be a dangerous way to go, and the country needs to fear the irrational types more.

SAP wants to hire autistic people

The company which makes software that no one understands says it aims to train 650 workers with autism to become IT specialists by 2020.

China puts USA in semiconductor shade

China has managed to overtake the US in semiconductor manufacturing and according to SEMI’s latest report, the trend is more than likely to accelerate, reports Quartz. 

Model predicts more snow at the poles

Most of us will see less snow over the coming years - but polar and high-altitude regions will get more, a new climate model from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts.

Man denied entry to US because of a tweet

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security has nothing better to do than to monitor what vacationing tourists post on Twitter.

Flagship online voting suspended ahead of election

A system that would allow American citizens overseas to vote in the November election online is not quite ready for prime time after serious security concerns came up last week.