US, UK refuse to sign internet treaty

Following widespread criticism, the UN has failed to win consensus on its planned internet regulation treaty.

US wildfire risk increases

Scientists are warning that, because of climate change, the number of wildfires in the US is set to increase.

Foxconn 'mulling US factories'

Apple supplier Foxconn is reportedly considering opening factories in the US, opening up the opportunity for Americans to work every waking moment for peanuts, riot, and then hurl themselves from the top of a building.

US smart electric fortwo EV to sell on the cheap

Daimler's mini-car division smart recently announced it will soon begin selling what it calls the most affordable production electric vehicle in the US.

Greendex survey ranks US last in sustainability

Greendex, an annual study conducted by the National Geographic Society and GlobeScan, recently ranked the United States dead last for sustainable behavior. 

Poor score for US in energy efficiency report

The US is lagging way behind in terms of energy efficiency, according to a new report from the nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Analyst: US needs to recruit master hackers

A prominent military analyst believes the US government should recruit elite computer hackers instead of prosecuting them.

US East Coast set for severe sea level rise

Sea level rises are accelerating along parts of the US East Coast as much as four times faster than the average for the rest of the world.

'Political' takedown requests increase in US

Google's released data on the governments aiming to censor internet content, and says it's seen a worrying rise in the number of such requests from Western democracies.

US set for more forest fires

Wildfires are expected to become increasingly common across the US and Europe over the next 30 years as climate change raises temperatures.

Flame creators may have worked with Stuxnet team

Security experts say that the Stuxnet and Flame viruses share sections of code, indicating that their creators collaborated.

Big Solar and US team up to slash cost

A total of $7.5 million of research grants has been allocated to pushing down the cost of utility-scale solar in the U.S.

Team predicts future regional temperatures for North America

The first detailed predictions of future temperatures across North America have been produced, using a combination of climate models and some complicated statistics.

US and China conduct cyber war games

The US and China have quietly conducted a series of "war games" to help prevent an abrupt military escalation between Washington and Beijing that could be sparked by hostile actions in cyberspace. 

Loss of Arctic ice causes snowy northern winters

Colder-than-usual winters in the US and Europe could be caused by the shrinking of ice cover in the Arctic.           

Fall of communism hit US mathematicians hard

The collapse of the Soviet Union had a powerful effect on American mathematicians, crowding them out of jobs.

US set to be hit hardest by tropical cyclones

Tropical cyclones will cause $109 billion in damages by the end of the century, according to Yale and MIT researchers, because of economic growth as well as climate change.

Why the EU is winning the clean energy race

The EU signed Kyoto in 1997, and passed laws to lower emissions by 2005. Five years later it had double the wind power of the US, and ten times the solar power.

Apple loses bid to get Samsung ban in US

A US district judge has refused to grant Apple an injunction banning Samsung from selling its smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablet in the US.

Huge mass of tsunami debris headed for US West Coast

Millions of tons of debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March is headed for the West Coast of the US.