Senate waters down Patent Reform to appease trolls

US senators once again proved themselves sock-puppets for big US corporate interests by watering down a bill designed to protect innovators from patent trolls.

CISPA bill is on its last legs

A US cyber security bill which gave all sorts of power for private companies to share data with the government seems set to die in the senate.

US Senate backs military, Obama on green fuels

Advanced biofuels backers celebrated the U.S. Senate’s defeat Wednesday of a measure that could have derailed the military’s quest to develop cleaner alternatives to petroleum-based fuels for use in its ships and planes.

4.5 million sign SOPA petition

It seems as if the virtual shutdown of Wikipedia, Craigslist, and other sites yesterday has done its job in the public eye.

Lulz Security raids US Senate & Bethesda

The seemingly unstoppable Lulz Boat has apparently sailed past the digital security perimeters of both the US Senate and Bethesda Softworks. The good news? Lulz is really, really looking forward to Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.