Navy looks for one remote control to rule them all

The US Navy has had enough of having shedloads of remote controls to run all its weapons and wants to develop a universal remote so it does not have to keep looking down the back of the sofa every time it wants to unleash a particular type of missile.

US Navy is vulnerable to cyber attacks

A Navy team of computer hacking experts found deficiencies when assigned to try to penetrate the network of the USS Freedom, the lead vessel in the $37 billion Littoral Combat Ship programme.

US Navy to deploy inexpensive laser weapon

The US Navy is going to deploy its first on ship laser next year and has been showing one in action on YouTube.

Video: US Navy deploys laser weapon in Persian Gulf

The US Navy has confirmed that it will be deploying a prototype laser weapon in the Persian Gulf.

US Navy develops robotic jellyfish

The US Navy has asked scientists at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering to continue the development of a robotic jellyfish for surveillance use.

Laser systems to knock out drones

The US Navy has a long tradition of knocking things out of the sky and ever since the Imperial Japanese Navy decided to engage in mass "tokko" suicide attacks, and it has been thinking about new ways to shoot down anything that doesn't have some stars and stripes on it.

GOP takes aim at US Navy’s great green fleet

The US military's embrace of alternative energy seems to drive a segment a the public crazy – witness the many vituperative comments to this story about a hybrid ground combat vehicle under development by the Army. 

US Navy adding butanol to jet biofuel repertoire

We’ve seen the military embrace fuels derived from algae as well as fuels made from old cooking grease and animal fats.

US Navy sails 1,200 miles on algae biofuel

Newt Gingrich may mock algae as a source of clean fuel, but the U.S. Navy's got no problem with it. In fact, the Navy is extending - literally - its use of biofuels derived from the stuff.

US Navy wants an autonomous firefighting robot

Scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have formed an interdisciplinary team to develop a humanoid robot capable of fighting shipboard fires.

US Navy preps massive solar project

SunPower broke ground this month on a big solar installation at the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in California. 

US Navy goes big with GREENS Solar

For the US armed forces, going green is about climate change and energy security, but as much as anything it's about troop safety.

007-style stealth ship is headed for the junk yard

A $195 million stealth ship that served as the inspiration behind the James Bond Movie Tomorrow Never Dies is apparently headed for the junkyard. What a waste.

U.S. Navy turns to multiplayer games for ideas on fighting pirates

The U.S. Navy seems to have run out of ideas of how to fight Somali pirates, which is why it’s turning to crowdsourcing.

U.S. Navy to develop Transformers-style robot swarm

The U.S. Navy recently issued a proposal to build "a coordinated and distributed swarm of micro-robots" whose main function will be to create "novel materials and structures."

Biofuel blend powers Navy Sea Hawk helicopter

The US Navy recently used a 50/50 biofuel blend to fly an MH60S Sea Hawk - a helicopter typically deployed for anti-surface warfare and combat  missions.

Self-powered robotic sub developed

NASA, the US Navy and Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego have successfully tested the first robotic underwater vehicle to be powered entirely by natural ocean thermal energy.