Smaller, lighter, tougher: New devices answer the call for rugged mobility

As the U.S. military becomes an increasingly mobile force, the trend is toward smaller, lighter and faster rugged computing devices that can handle demanding operational environments. Increasingly, the tools of choice for the military computer market are rugged convertible laptops and tablets designed for use in vehicles, on ...

Army FED Bravo is a green Humvee alternative

The idea that the US military can somehow green itself into a more energy efficient operation is something which has peaked the interest of readers for sometime.

Obama pushes US military to go even greener

Continuing its campaign-year emphasis on a broad range of energy initiatives, the Obama administration has outlined a fresh roster of renewable-energy and energy-efficiency programs by the US military. 

US military maps out green battlefield goals

Unveiled last June, the U.S. military's Operational Energy Strategy, "Energy for the Warfighter," is a call for greater energy efficiency in military operations, something the Pentagon says will save money and lives.

X-47B drone will be completely autonomous

The role of unmanned drones in the US military is constantly evolving, with the Pentagon deploying unmanned craft for a number of critical missions, including surveillance and targeted attacks.

U.S. military buying more portable renewables

The U.S. military’s hunger for portable renewable energy is paying off again for SkyBuilt Power, which announced it was "selected to provide rapidly deployable renewable power stations to the U.S. Navy."

Pentagon's cyber strategy is "confused"

The U.S. military is apparently "unsure" how to execute cyber operations, as a strategy that could help clarify standard operating procedure (SOP) is still months away from completion.

U.S. military munitions to become even deadlier

A groundbreaking material is slated to replace steel in warhead casings. It will allow U.S. munitions to detonate with more force than ever before, while significantly increasing the chances of eliminating enemy targets.

Abandoned Navy war ships documented by "squatters"

There are a number of aging Navy ships uncermoniously rotting away in a bay near San Francisco. Their decay is saddening to many because the ships fought courageously in World War Two.

For sale: Hacked military and government websites

A particularly gutsy hacker is looking to sell access to military, government and university websites. How much, you ask?

Army tests Battlefield Extraction 'bot

The US military is currently testing an advanced robot that could eventually be deployed to rescue wounded soldiers pinned down by enemy fire.

Futuristic XM-25 Airburst Weapon deployed in Afghanistan

The US military has deployed at least five futuristic Individual Airburst Weapon Systems in Afghanistan capable of firing specialized rounds that explode at precise locations in enemy territory.

Hardware glitch disables nuclear ICBMs

The US military is blaming a hardware glitch for temporarily disabling 50 nuclear inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

US military taps cloud computing in Afghanistan

The US military is shipping cloud computing infrastructure to Afghanistan where its secure network will be used to provide US soldiers with critical surveillance data.

US missile shield designed to intercept Iranian nukes

The US military is preparing to activate a partial missile shield over southern Europe to protect its allies from Iranian projectiles carrying nuclear payloads.

US military tests GPS-guided Scorpion

The US military has successfully flight tested a GPS-guided Scorpion munition which was deployed at an altitude of 5,000 feet from a C-130 aircraft.

US military loses contact with experimental hypersonic vehicle

The US military has apparently lost contact with an experimental hypersonic vehicle over the Pacific Ocean.