Twitter transparency report shows growing government demand for data

Twitter said that the U.S. government continues to make the most requests for information about the social network’s subscribers in a growing pursuit of data that has sparked protest by Internet firms. In the first six months of the year, Twitter said federal authorities made 902 requests for ...

Apple avoids paying a heap of tax

Apple is going to explain to the US government how it managed to keep billions of dollars in profits in Irish subsidiaries to pay little or no taxes to any government.

Feds don't want to buy Chinese IT kit

The US Congress has installed a new cyber-espionage review process for government technology purchases which effectively pushes Chinese companies out into the cold.

US government free to probe where it wants

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Washington DC based Friends of Privacy have hit out at the ease with which US authorities can access data in the cloud, and elsewhere.

US government leads requests for Twitter user data

Following in Google's foosteps, Twitter has for the first time produced a Transparency Report, showing that the US government requested more user information than any other in the first half of this year.

US asks scientists to withdraw recipe for lab-bred bird flu

The US government has asked the authors of two terrifying studies of bird flu to redact them heavily, fearing the information could be used by terrorists.

A $529 million loan - to manufacture cars in Finland?!

The Obama administration is taking a lot of heat for handing out $529 million to Fisker Automobile who then turned around and manufactured a luxury vehicle in Finland.

Government funds "that's what she said" study

A resurrected catch phrase popularized by The Office for immature boys everywhere, "that's what she said," is almost unavoidable in popular conversation these days.

Was the Roswell "UFO" really a Nazi-inspired Soviet aircraft?

Area 51 has long been a mecca for alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists interested in uncovering its deep, dark secrets.

Mobile app makers probed over privacy concerns

Federal prosecutors in New Jersey are investigating whether certain smartphone applications illegally obain or transmit information about their users without proper disclosure.

Wikileaks reveals U.S. Gov’t GMO secret dealings

Remember when countries all over the world were free to choose whether or not they adopted genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Well, if the U.S. State Department (who is controlled by big agriculture) has its way, the whole world will be pimping GMOs before long.

Analysis: US government fails Security 101

How did the US government fail to prevent a digital leak of over three million classified and highly embarrassing documents?