Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) heads to Google TV

After languishing on an ancient customized version of Android for quite some time, Google TV is finally set to get a long-awaited upgrade with a new version of the operating system.

Asus eyes Android 4.2 update for Transformer tablets

Google's Nexus 10 tablet is loaded with sweet Android Jelly Bean (4.2) goodness, and now Asus reportedly wants in on the fun for its flagship Transformer devices.

Google rolls out TV voice search

Google-powered  LG TVs first in line for update.

Mozilla pulls Firefox 16 over security concerns

Just a day after its release, Firefox 16 has been pulled after the discovery of a serious security flaw.

Kinect PlayFit dashboard lands in the US

Two of Microsoft's biggest hardware successes have (thus far) targeted gamers: the popular Xbox 360 game console and Kinect accessory.

LinkedIn updates iOS app after privacy issue revealed

LinkedIn's been forced to change its iOS app, following reports that they've been collecting data from users' calendars and sending it back to its servers.

Skyrim to get Kinect support on Xbox 360

The news will undoubtedly make fans of the Xbox 360 version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim absolutely giddy.

Atlantis "grid" disappears from Google Maps

One of the greatest mysteries and legends of Greek mythology is the lost island of Atlantis. 

Microsoft antivirus software deletes Chrome browser

Well, it's one way to see off the competition: on Friday, Microsoft's Security Essentials antivirus software flagged Google Chrome as malware and wiped it from the PCs of thousands of people.

Citigroup says hack hit 360,000 credit cards

Citigroup's admitted that many more credit cards were compromised by its recent data breach than it indicated in its previous statement.

Mac Defender variant sidesteps Apple's security patch

A new variant of Mac Defender has been spotted in the wild. The latest iteration of the malware is apparently capable of neatly sidestepping a recently released OS X security update targeting the original Defender.

WP7 update SNAFU will have long-term repercussions

Microsoft's first Windows Phone 7 update can hardly be termed a success. Just hours after Redmond rolled out the patch, multiple reports began trickling in about phones that had been frozen or bricked.

Twitter blames upgrade for onMouseOver flaw

Oops: Twitter says it had already identified and fixed the security flaw that left the site in chaos yesterday - but then messed up that fix with a later update.

Microsoft issues emergency out-of-band patch

Microsoft has issued an emergency out-of-band update to patch a critical Windows security vulnerability that is being actively exploited by malware.

McAfee to reimburse users hit by update glitch

McAfee has said it plans to reimburse users for any costs they incurred to fix their computers after a glitchy security update crashed tens of thousands of machines across the country.

Nefarious "iPad virus" masquerades as iTunes update

Steve Jobs, where are you!? A nefarious virus has targeted users of your magical, shiny and overpriced Apple iPads.

McAfee security update crashes corporate XP machines

A defective security update issued by a very red-faced McAfee has reportedly crashed thousands of corporate XP machines worldwide.

Sony: 3D TVs, games to arrive in June

The first Sony 3D TVs are expected to hit the steaming Japanese streets on June 10th, 2010.

BitDefender acknowledges anti-virus debacle

BitDefender has acknowledged that its anti-virus software update may have caused the crash of an unspecified number of 64-bit Windows machines.