Unplugging: ISPs wage war against music piracy

When was the last time you illegally downloaded music or movies? You may not remember, but there could be some watching who will. Hey, don’t look at us . . . MXDWN is just the messenger!

Unplugging: MySpace and the music universe

Space shuttle Atlantis achieved orbit in its final mission today, perhaps reminding you that your mom might not have been telling the truth when she said that you could be anything you want, even an astronaut.

Unplugging: Country "doom rock" and Nine Inch Nails

Mark Zuckerberg is under 30 years old and reportedly worth somewhere around $18 billion. You jelly?

Unplugging: Clarence Clemons plays the great gig in the sky

It is with great sadness that we report Clarence Clemons, E Street Band member and (possibly) the world’s greatest saxophone player, suffered a massive stroke and passed away in Florida.

Unplugging: Moogfest and the Flaming Lips

Does Google’s logo in celebration of Les Paul’s would-be 96th birthday have you falling in love with music all over again? Rekindle that passion with your trusted relationship counselor, MXDWN. We’re not taking sides.

Unplugging: RIP Gil Scott-Heron

It is with a heavy heart that we report on the death of legendary poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron, author of the acclaimed work “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

Unplugging: Post-rapture blues

Didn’t make the cut for this past Saturday’s long-awaited Rapture? Drown your existential sorrows in a tall glass of what’s hot in the world of music with your friendly barback, MXDWN. If it were up to us, we’d have picked you first.

Unplugging: Pearl Jam celebrates two decades of grunge

Did your PSN account get hacked? Well, if they’ve got your information now, you just gotta wait for the bogus charges to start rolling in. You might as well forget about it all and take a break with MXDWN and Unplugging.

Unplugging: RIP Gerard Smith, goodbye The Stills, and hello The Decemberists

What’s hot in the music world? MXDWN has the Unplugging update all right here.

Unplugging: LCD Soundsystem says goodbye with Arcade Fire

What’s hot in the music world? MXDWN has your Unplugging update all right here.

Unplugging: Trent Reznor wears a suit for the Oscars

Time to wrap up this week in music news with the help of mxdwn.com!