Unplugging: A week of firsts for artists

This week was all about firsts in music, whether it be first headlining tours, first annual festivals or first collaborations. Originality is not sparse amongst musicians right now, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

Unplugging: The SXSW countdown begins

Spring break is upon us, and as MXDWN packs up and heads to Austin for the hugely popular SXSW Festival, so do many music moguls.

Unplugging: Festivals dominate the music world

If work’s got you down, look ahead, because so many music festivals are right around the corner. Yes, the summer festival circuit is about to commence, and we at MXDWN and TG Daily couldn’t be happier.

Unplugging: Everything old is new again

We are happy to report that a number of well-established artists spanning the last several decades are still quite active, working on new albums, headlining events, collaborating and releasing awesome music.

Unplugging: Festival lineups announced

Exciting lineups have been announced this week, and we can’t wait for this year’s festival circuit to begin!

Unplugging: Metallica creates its own music festival

This week welcomed great news of new projects in the works, featuring great music fests on the way, highly anticipated new albums and just all-around awesomeness.

Unplugging: SXSW lineup heats up

Artists and music lovers across the world come together for several days each year in Austin, TX for the famed South by Southwest Festival.

Unplugging: SOPA and Megaupload raid reverberate in cyberspace

It certainly has been a lively couple of week for music fans worldwide, with the threat of SOPA/PIPA bills and the Megaupload raid.

Unplugging: Musicians oppose SOPA/PIPA

This past week, artists took a step back from their music to pursue activities in film, party hosting, controversial bills and the federal court. More power to them!

Unplugging: Coachella lineup goes live

With great headliners and recently reunited bands to play the festival, we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s upcoming Coachella Festival.

Unplugging: Deadmau5 bashes Miami’s Ultra Music festival

New Year’s resolutions never last long, and we can unfortunately see trouble stirring in the music world already, despite the fresh new year that has welcomed a number of new tour and performance news.

Unplugging: Is Sonic Youth breaking up?

This week, musicians whose work span back more that 25 years are in the news, and we are glad their harmonious drudgery is still alive and kicking... for now at least.

Unplugging: GWAR's Flattus Maximus is no more

We are psyched that Austin, TX will be welcoming many musical acts in the coming months, kicking off with this weekend’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, and SXSW next spring.

Unplugging: Garbage is back, and so are the Beach Boys

This week hailed the resurgence of various bands from the past, so come bask in nostalgia with us as we watch these glorified blast-from-the-pasts make their sweet comebacks.

Unplugging: Jimmy Fallon celebrates Pink Floyd

We are happy to see that besides recent awesome reissues (Pink Floyd, Nirvana), new albums are being released into the wild for our consumption. Get your credit cards ready, and prepare your stereo for what’s to come.

Unplugging: The Body and Soul of Amy Winehouse

This week, MXDWN honors musicians, both late and living, that have pushed musical boundaries and tried new things.

Unplugging: Krist Novoselic is back for more Nevermind

Summer festival season is on its way out, and MXDWN is here to welcome in fall music fests. As bands gear up for upcoming festivals, fans are going mad trying to score tickets before they sell out.

Unplugging: London riots and our music burns

This week heaved a giant, fiery load of bad onto the music community. London riots destroyed massive amounts of physical music, Kanye West is making more controversial comments, and MXDWN is feeling a bit down.

Unplugging: Danzig, Slayer & the Fun Fest

For those feeling a little blue about the fleeting summer, let us reassure you that you have much to look forward to.

Unplugging: Cheap Trick blues & Karen O's "psycho-opera"

The winds of change are a blowin’ in the world of music, and we couldn’t have asked for a better time than now, as it’s been a pretty hot summer.