Unplugging: Black Friday in the music world

With the holidays right in front of our faces, the music world has begun getting into the holiday spirit. Artists entice fans with box sets, Christmas releases, and tour dates.  

Unplugging: New music for your ears

With fall and winter tours getting ready to take flight, artists are releasing new music and building up hype for their upcoming album releases.

Unplugging: Collaborations fueling the musical fire

Artists often like to spice up their sounds by crossing boundaries. One of said boundaries is going into the world of collaborations – working with other artists in order to create something new and innovative.

Unplugging: The lineups of Fall and Winter fests

As summer comes to a close and the summer music festivals start to wind down, concert attendees begin to look forward to artists fall and winter tour dates.

Unplugging: The soundtracks of Fall

This Fall heralds the advent of many new releases, including the highly anticipated Quentin Tarantino-produced film The Man With The Iron Fists, the directorial debut from RZA (aka Samurai Apocalypse).

Unplugging: The drug-inspired Terror of the Flaming Lips

MXDWN loves random, and this week features some almost unbelievable musical endeavors, such as drug-inspired albums, music fests in Israel, Day of the Dead themed parties, and electronic superstars scoring Disney movies.

Unplugging: A tragic week for music

We regard the music world as a place where anything can happen, and an unfortunate string of tragedies have set the tone for this week.

Unplugging: Resurrecting Repo Man

The spirit of Alex Cox’s 1984 movie Repo Man will be resurrected with a tribute album, set to be released September 9th, 2012.

Unplugging: On Cro-Mags, stabbings and overdoses

On July 7th, a hardcore show at New York’s Webster Hall was shut down due to an incident involving the band Cro-Mags and their co-founder and former bassist Harley Flanagan.

Unplugging: Lamb of God's Randy Blythe posts bail

MXDWN admires the theme of "go big or go home" that seems to be evident in trending music stories this week. 

Unplugging: The Flaming Lips are tasered and maced

The Flaming Lips have replaced their track with Chris Martin on their collaborative LP with a song called "Tasered and Maced," performed with Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory.

Unplugging: FYF Fest lineup, Radiohead reschedules dates after stage collapse

FYF Fest released its 2012 lineup this week, expanding the festival to a 2-day event set to take place September 1st and 2nd.

Unplugging: Remembering CBGB's

The very first CBGB Festival will take place at venues all over NYC from July 5th to 8th.

Unplugging: Bono vs. Paul McCartney

Money comes and goes, people live and die, lineups please or disappoint and bands form and break up. That’s just the cycle of music, wouldn’t you say?

Unplugging: Fates change, things look up and the Internet keeps going strong

Music is always changing. Fads come and go, bands break up, and some things stay the same for years and years.

Unplugging: Men at Work are no more, but Blur is back

To give a friendly nod to musical influence worldwide, we want to step outside the States this week to acknowledge people and events from other countries that are making contributions to the music world.

Unplugging: The takeover of summer festivals

As the summer festival circuit creeps closer, hopeful MXDWN-ers and festival followers alike are being musically satiated as an outpouring of artists and lineups for upcoming festivals hit the public.

Unplugging: Artists turned inventors, collabos & a brand new music fest

We salute the tuneful inventors that keep breaking ground with new audio formats, biodegradable record balloons and brand spanking new music fests with amusements for all.

Unplugging: Jet calls it quits, but Talk Talk is back

Some landmark happenings in the music world have sprinkled the MXDWN site this week, making for quite an interesting and pivotal time for music.

Unplugging: Keep on rockin' in the free world

Forget the 21st century, because bands that hit it big-time in the 20th century are still active today, working on projects that MXDWN hopes to hear soon!