XDA Devs unlock bootloaders on Nexus devices - sans Fastboot

Google's mobile Nexus devices are fairly easy to unlock with bootloaders left open, courtesy of Mountain View. 

Rooting the Galaxy Nexus - no unlocked bootloader required

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus can be easily locked and unlocked. However, there are a number of advantages to rooting the device - without unlocking the bootloader.

Intel demands $50 for CPU unlock

Want to unlock those extra threads and cache cache on your new Pentium G6951 processor? Well, you'll just have to shell out an extra $50 to Intel for the privilege.

Hackers liberate Apple iPhone 4 from AT&T

Dev Team hackers have released a long-awaited unlock for Apple's iPhone that allows the device to be used with carriers other than AT&T.

Raunchy Droid detects bra sizes

Are you ladies wearing a push-up bra for a grander effect? Or do you prefer the minimalist approach offered by a humble sports brassiere? 

Developer unlocks Windows Phone 7 emulator

An intrepid developer has managed to successfully unlock Microsoft's recently released Windows Phone 7 emulator.