Phew: Einstein right about black holes after all

Scientists at the University of York say they've dispelled the so-called firewall paradox which suggests that anything falling into a black hole would be burned up as it crossed the event horizon.

Warming Earth could boost biodiversity... eventually

Global warming could mean more biodiversity on Earth, not less - just as long as we're prepared to wait several million years. In the short term, things don't look so good.

Poorly Neanderthals chomped on medicinal plants

Neanderthals cooked and ate their veggies and even used medicinal plants when they were ill, an examination of their teeth has found.

Heat-based recording speeds hard drives

A new method of recording information to hard drives could increase their speed by hundreds of times.

New clue to life's chemical origins

British chemists at the University of York have moved closer towards establishing the origin of the carbohydrates that form the building blocks of life.

LCD television waste could fight hospital infections

Chemists at the University of York have discovered a way of recycling waste from LCD televisions to make a substance that combats hospital infections.