Polar sea ice could recover if CO2 levels fall

Good news, for once: new research indicates that, for polar sea ice at least, there's no 'tipping point' from which recovery is impossible.

Software animates online photos

Researchers at the University of Washington have created a way to take a collection of photos of a person and automatically turn them into an animation.

Device lets deaf phone users talk with sign language

As many as two million people in the US alone could soon get the chance to use their native language on a cellphone for the first time.

Printer part reengineered as robot centipede

Researchers at the University of Washington and Stanford University have developed an insectlike robot with hundreds of tiny legs.

Prefab system 'makes all software open source'

A University of Washington team has developed a system it says makes all software effectively open source, allowing users to add custom features to any program.