Check out this moth as it drives robot car

Give a moth a robot car, and it'll use it to cruise the streets for a female, Japanese scientists have discovered. Using a small, two-wheeled robot, a male silkmoth was able to track down the sex pheromone usually given off by a female mate.

Rare frog has flick-knife thumbs

A rare breed of frog has been discovered to have spikes which shoot from its thumbs for fighting and mating, a bit like X-Men's Spyke.

The world's thinnest display: a soap bubble

A Japanese-US team says it's developed the world's thinnest display - a soap bubble that can even show 3D images.

PossessedHand hacks user's own muscles

Japanese scientists have developed a device aimed at allowing even the most cack-handed musician to play an instrument.

Researchers develop 25TB titanium-oxide disc

A team of Japanese researchers has created a material that could be used to manufacture a low-price "super disc" with a capacity of 25 terabytes.