Blood-sucking robot could treat fatal brain haemorrhages

US researchers have built a robot that they claim could suck blood clots out of previously inoperable parts of the brain.The device created at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee enables surgeons to use information from a CT scan to guide a steerable needle through a small hole in the ...

Extreme weather forecast for Eastern US

The US East Coast is set for a big rise in heat waves and storms, a study using the world's fastest supercomputer has shown.

Just how poisonous is the moon?

The moon could be a highly toxic place, say scientists, warning of cancer and breathing problems even when astronauts remain in their space suits.

Nuclear fusion power inches forward

Researchers at the University of Tennessee have successfully developed a key technology related to an experimental fusion reactor.

American heads are getting bigger

The heads of white Americans are getting bigger, say forensic anthropologists at the University of Tennessee.

Biosolar breakthrough promises cheap, green electricity

A team from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, claims to have developed a low-cost method of power generation based on photosynthetic processes.