New type of pterosaur may have hunted on foot

A new kind of flying reptile from the late Cretaceous has been identified from bones found in Romania's Transylvanian Basin.

Dinosaurs evolved through sexual selection

The fossil record can show evidence of sexual selection, say researchers, revealing how members of a species attract a mate.

Dinosaur challenges theories of early flight

A feathered dinosaur has been discovered that existed way before the bird-like dinosaurs that birds have generally been thought to have evolved from.

Increasing jellyfish numbers are part of global cycle

It’s good news for beach-goers as scientists believe that recent jellyfish blooms are just part of a natural cycle.

'Trigger' found for explosive eruptions

Scientists say they've identified the trigger for the largest explosive volcanic eruptions on Earth.

Build your own supercomputer

Computational engineers at the UK's University of Southampton - along with a six-year-old boy - have built a supercomputer from 64 Raspberry Pi computers and Lego.

New battery could lead to cheaper solar power

A new type of lithium battery developed by the University of Southampton and lithium battery technology company REAPsystems is claimed to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar power.

New material gives boost to optical fibers

British and American scientists say they've found a way to embed electronics into optical fibers, simplifying and speeding up telecommunications.