Did comet wipe out Clovis culture?

More evidence has emerged that a massive comet hit the Earth about 13,000 years ago, backing up a widely-disputed theory.

New phone app automatically tags photos in detail

A new cell phone application can tag photographs with names, locations and even activities - all by itself.

Researchers hack into moving car's security system

A team of university researchers has shown that it is possible to infiltrate a car's computer system while it is moving at highway speeds, proving the security risks of having computer-controlled vehicles.

Carhackers jack moving vehicle

Forget about the good old days when unshaven carjackers dressed in bad plaid jackets, carried sawed-off shotguns and rode badass Choppers.

 The next generation of carjacking deviants will likely tote tricked-out portable rigs along with thermoses full of freshly brewed Seattle roast.