Multitasking brain automatically detects grammar errors

Your brain often works on autopilot when it comes to grammar. That theory has been around for years, but University of Oregon neuroscientists have captured elusive hard evidence that people indeed detect and process grammatical errors with no awareness of doing so.

Life on land started millions of years earlier, claims scientist

A University of Oregon scientist has made the controversial claim that ancient multicellular fossils long thought to be ancestors of early marine life are in fact land-dwelling lichen or other microbial colonies.

More clean energy doesn't mean less dirty energy

We like to assume that producing a new megawatt-hour of electricity from wind means we've eliminated a megawatt-hour of fossil-fuel produced electricity. 

Crop circles may be made using GPS

High-tech techniques such as GPS could be behind the appearance of crop circles, says physicist Richard Taylor of the Materials Science Institute at the University of Oregon.