Flatworms could reveal secret of immortality

A species of flatworm has been discovered to be potentially immortal - raising hopes that the ageing process in humans could be combated.

Fruit flies levitated to aid astronaut research

A team of scientists at the University of Nottingham has been levitating fruit flies to investigate how biological organisms are affected by weightless conditions in space.

Worms could hold key to human survival in space

A colony of tiny worms originally dug up from a city garbage dump has survived a stint in space, in research aimed at helping discover how the human body might cope with a trip to another planet.

Re-programmable cells to create new life forms

An international team of scientists has embarked on an ambitious research project to develop an in vivo biological cell that can be reprogrammed like a computer operating system.

Tiny worms help open up deep space travel

Millions of microscopic worms are helping scientists overcome the threats posed by space travel to astronauts' health, and could also help prevent muscle degradation in the elderly.