New find of water challenges lunar formation theory

New evidence of water in moon rock samples brought back by the Apollo mission is challenging the accepted view of how the moon formed.

Teaching software spots bored or bewildered pupils

New teaching software responds to pupils' emotional states and is so effective it out-performs novice human teachers.

Fall of communism hit US mathematicians hard

The collapse of the Soviet Union had a powerful effect on American mathematicians, crowding them out of jobs.

Silkworms modified to make super-strong silk

Scientists say they've been able to genetically engineer silkworms to make them spin spider silk - far stronger and more elastic than normal silk.

Paint-on solar cells could power homes

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed a 'solar paint' that could be slapped on the outside of a house to help generate power for the devices inside.

Software identifies dodgy crime scene gawpers

It's true, apparently, that criminals - especially arsonists - often return to the scene of their crime, as do IED bomb makers in the Middle East.