How could life adapt to Mars?

University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers say they've established certain key features in proteins that are needed for life to function on Mars and other extreme environments.

US wildfire risk increases

Scientists are warning that, because of climate change, the number of wildfires in the US is set to increase.

Headphone wearers risk traffic accidents

We've all been told off, quite rightly, for 'distracted driving' - but distracted walking?

Air pollution leads to more extreme weather

Scientists say they've found the first clear evidence of the way increases in air pollution are affecting climate and weather - and the results don't look good.

Human-powered helicopter to take test flight

A group of University of Maryland students will on Wednesday attempt to test fly a human-powered helicopter.

Twitter chatter could help save lives

Researchers from Lockheed Martin and the University of Maryland have kicked off a study of social media website chatter - which could theoretically be used to help emergency responders save lives during disasters.