Earth 'too hot for life' after early mass extinction

Extreme temperatures meant it took five million years for the Earth to recover from the greatest mass extinction of all time.

Cloud brightening 'could tame hurricanes'

Decreasing sea surface temperatures through cloud brightening could cut the severity of hurricanes by a full category, claims a team of British scientists.

Hard drives could be built using magnetic bacteria

Researchers at the University of Leeds say that a type of bacterium which 'eats' iron to create tiny magnets could be used to make larger hard drives and faster connections.

Silver treats cancer as effectively as chemo

For some time, silver has had something of a folk reputation as a treatment for cancer.

Polymer jelly could lead to cheaper lithium batteries

University of Leeds scientists say they've found a way to make cheaper lithium batteries without compromising performance.

Haptic system helps keyhole surgeons

University of Leeds engineering students have found a way to let surgeons keep their sense of touch when carrying out keyhole surgery.