Say hello to your oldest mammal ancestor

Scientists believe they've identified the common ancestor that links human beings with all other placental mammals: a rat-sized creature that lived on insects.

Ancient shark species is Great White ancestor

The great white shark isn't descended from megatooth sharks such as the extinct Carcharocles megalodon - the largest carnivorous shark that ever lived - as many believed.

Team creates 'human-on-a-chip'

Researchers have for the first time used stem cells to grow neuromuscular junctions between human muscle cells and human spinal cord cells - the key connectors used by the brain to communicate and control muscles in the body.

Arctic wildfires threaten global climate

After 10,000 fire-free years, the Arctic tundra is again experiencing wildfires, and they're contributing significantly to the world's carbon dioxide levels.

How to major in Starcraft at Florida U

Forget about weekend keggers, man. Going to college has never been as fun as this!

Cellphones could offer night vision

A University of Florida engineering researcher has developed a tiny night vision device that would be incorporated into everything from cellphones to eyeglasses and car windscreens.