Ancient dolphin-like croc identified

Ancient bones discovered more than a century ago have been identified as a new species of marine super-predator.

Apes get mid-life crises too

They don't buy a sports car or get Botox - but it appears that chimpanzees and orangutans can experience a mid-life crisis just as humans do.

New-found gene separates man from apes

Scientists say they've identified a crucial gene, unique to humans, that may help explain how we learned to use tools and language.

Bacteria turn CO2 into soil improver

Tiny microbes and a tropical tree can be used to lock up carbon dioxide - and turn it into an agricultural soil improver.

Biofuels not so green after all

The environmental benefits of biofuels are being systematically overestimated, says a University of Edinburgh scientist.

Antarctic ice shelf at tipping point

British and American scientists have discovered a previously unknown sub-glacial basin nearly the size of New Jersey beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) - and say it puts this area of the ice sheet at risk of collapse.

Martian asteroid craters could be refuge for life

The best place to look for life on Mars and other planets could be the impact craters of asteroids.

Underground CO2 storage safe, say scientists

Storing carbon dioxide underground poses little threat to health, scientists from the University of Edinburgh claim.

Science under threat from pressure for positive results

Scientific research could be set for a big decline because of a growing tendency to report only positive findings.