Black holes resemble both liquids and solids

In a new twist to string theory, scientists are suggesting that black holes have properties that resemble the dynamics of both solids and liquids.

Solar system 'not so special as thought'

Our solar system didn't, as previously thought, take twice as long as most to form, new research shows.

Warming Earth leads to more US hurricanes

Scientists say they've discovered clear evidence for the much-disupted theory that global warming leads to more hurricanes in the US.

Methane emissions traced to Roman times

Human beings have been pumping methane into the atmosphere since Roman times, in enough quantity for it to show up in the Greenland ice sheet.

Welcome to Twilight - the religion

We all know Star Wars fans take the Force quite seriously, with some even defining their Jedi beliefs as a full-fledged religion.

Moon may be millions of years younger than thought

A new analysis of a piece of lunar rock indicates that the moon is much younger than previously thought - or else scientists have been dramatically wrong about the way in which it was formed.

Scientists sketch modern portrait of ancient human

A team of intrepid scientists has successfully concluded a DNA analysis of human hair found preserved in Greenland’s permafrost.