Sea rise set to be higher than expected

Current measurements show that sea levels are rising faster than predicted, with a one-meter rise looking likely by the end of the century.

Asteroid belt boosts chances of complex life

The size and location of an asteroid belt could be a significant factor in determining whether complex life will evolve on a nearby Earth-like planet.

Humans were carnivores earlier than thought

Meat was a fundamental part of the human diet as long ago as 1.5 million years, a study of a Tanzanian skull fragment shows.

Greenland ice sheet on the slide

The Greenland Ice Sheet is accelerating in its slide into the ocean, like snow sliding off a roof on a sunny day.

Little Ice Age triggered by volcanic eruptions

The Little Ice Age - the centuries-long period of cooling that began in the Middle Ages - appears to have been triggered by four massive volcanic eruptions in the tropics.

How to lose friends on Facebook

It's terribly sad, but it seems that the more time you spend trying to be friendly on Facebook, the more likely you are to be unfriended.

Strong winds could have parted Red Sea for Moses

A new computer model has indicated that the parting of the Red Sea could really have taken place - if the winds were right.

Ancient Martian ocean may have supported life

Evidence that a vast ocean may have covered one-third of the surface of Mars some 3.5 billion years ago gives new support to the idea that the planet may once have harbored life.