Physicist wants to put Einstein's equation to the test

Does E always equal mc²? University of Arizona physicist Andrei Lebed suspects not - and plans to try and check.

Spears date back to common human/Neanderthal ancestor

Our ancestors were attaching spear points to wooden hafts as long ago as 500,000 years - a good 200,000 years earlier than thought.

Record-breaking millipede discovered on outskirts of Silicon Valley

Scientists from the University of Arizona have released a video of the leggiest animal on Earth, the  millipede Illacme plenipes, which has 750 legs.

Complex brains much older than thought

Complex brains evolved much earlier than previously believed, the discovery of a 520-million-year-old fossilized arthropod has shown.

Robotic legs move just like yours

US researchers have built what they say is the first set of robotic legs that walk just like a human being.

Trouble brewing for GM crops

Pests are adapting to genetically modified plants designed to kill them, raising doubts over the future of biotech crops.

Gigapixel camera could revolutionize photography

Electrical engineers from Duke University and the University of Arizona have created the first gigapixel camer, and say it could be available to consumers within five years.

Creating microprocessors from graphite

Graphite could help engineers in their perpetual quest to design smaller and more power efficient electronic devices.

Millions of American homes at risk of flooding

Nearly four million Americans are at risk of severe flooding by the end of the century as climate change raises sea levels around the country.

'Cap and trade' system proposed for commercial whaling

A group of academics has suggested a pragmatic, if radical, solution to the problem of continuing commercial whaling - putting a price on the animals.

Ancient humans interbred with other species

Our ancient human ancestors interbred with other early hominids as well as Neanderthals, new research indicates.       

Holographic video chat unveiled

Star Wars-style holographic video chat is now a big step closer, with the development of a system that can project 3D moving images without the need for special glasses.

Team creates precursors of life in Titan-like environment

Scientists have created organic macromolecules by zapping a Titan-like atmosphere with UV rays. The discovery supports the idea that the moon of Saturn could support life.   

Middle-school students discover cave on Mars

A seventh-grade class in Cottonwood, California, has discovered a Martian cave.