Is global warming hiding underwater?

Satellite observations of global sea-surface temperature show that a 30-year upward trend has slowed down within the last 15 years. Climate scientists say this is not the end of global warming, but the result of a rearrangement in the energy flow of the climate system and, in particular, how the ocean stores heat.

Avatar 2 dives underwater

James Cameron's original Avatar may have taken place on the surface and skies of Pandora, but at least part of the film's sequel will be filmed underwater.

Video: ‘Superbird’ dives 150 feet underwater in 40 seconds

An international team of researchers associated with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) recently fitted a South American sea bird with a small camera.

Underwater PV research floats US Navy's boat

The U.S. Navy is trying to figure out ways to create power with underwater photovoltaics, and making some progress.

Underwater mini-lab could help save coral reefs

Ocean pollution is a global problem.