A living desert underground

Hidden underneath the hilly grasslands studded with ocotillos and mesquite trees in southeastern Arizona lies a world shrouded in perpetual darkness: Kartchner Caverns, a limestone cave system renowned for its untouched cave formations, sculpted over millennia by groundwater dissolving the bedrock and carving out underground rooms, and passages that attract tourists from all over the world.

Report: Urban underground holds sustainable energy

Vast energy sources are slumbering below big cities. Sustainable energies for heating in winter and cooling in summer may be extracted from heated groundwater aquifers.

EuropaCity is a (fantasy) underground green town

In an ambitious project that looks like a cross between a green Millennium Falcon  and a villain’s lair from a James Bond movie, France’s EuropaCity is nothing less than a self-contained underground city, only part of it sticks up from the surrounding landscape.

This New York park is underground

If you've been following EarthTechling for a while, you may remember the LowLine. 

Cassini finds underground ocean on Saturn's moon Titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has come up with strng evidence that Saturn's moon Titan is hiding a layer of liquid water under its ice shell.

Geothermal steams forward, under the radar

Geothermal has long been touted as the only stable form of renewable energy because it produces constant 24-hour energy from hot rocks deep underneath the ground.

Mars could harbor life - but Curiosity's unlikely to find it

As much as three percent of Mars could sustain life, say scientists from the Australian National University - but most habitable areas are underground.

If there was life on Mars, it was probably underground

Liquid water on the Martian surface was probably never around for very long, meaning life would have struggled to gain a foothold there.

How metal helped save vinyl

Years ago, I started seeing a lot of record stores that catered to rappers and DJ's by selling albums and turn tables.

Huge river found flowing beneath the Amazon

An enormous underground river has been reported flowing thousands of feet below the Amazon.

Londoners less than keen on Underground cellphone plan

Huawei must be feeling rather hurt. It's offered to foot the £50 million bill for bringing cellphone coverage to the London Underground - and Londoners have given the plan a resounding thumbs-down.

Vegas tunnel people a sign of the times?

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps; there is no last call in Vegas. All of the happiness that comes from bright lights, gambling and free flowing booze is a huge contrast to the meager lives of the inhabitants who live below Sin City.

Hospital staffed by robot orderlies

In HG Wells' The Time Machine, the brutish Morlocks live underground, appearing only to service the needs of the beautiful but weedy Eloi.