Uncharted PlayStation Game to Get the Big Screen Treatment

Uncharted is the PlayStation game that focuses on Nathan Drake, a heroic treasure hunter. Treasure hunters have often been big box office, Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind, and now Uncharted is one of many big video game titles that’s up for the big screen treatment.

'Last of Us' wants to set new gaming standard

One of the most anticipated games heading to the PS3 will be more than just a game, according to the publisher's lofty promotional speak.

Sony says the Vita has plenty of RAM

Sony has officially confirmed that its upcoming PS Vita will boast a full 512MB of RAM - rather than the 256MB claimed by various rumors swirling around the Internet ether.

Uncharted movie director neglects prior scripts

The film adaptation of popular video game series Uncharted is going to start from scratch.

Early Playstation Vita demos a mixed bunch

We just ran through a quick tour of Playstation Vita titles, and found a range of awesome to clunky.