3D Printers Help Heart Surgeons

3D printers are slowly entering everyday life and they are increasingly being used in medicine. Doctors at Washington's Children's National Medical Center say the life-size tri-dimensional prints of their patients' hearts helps them in planning and executing surgeries.Magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography and ultrasound already give pretty good ...

Booty mining medical devices market to be worth $9.7 billion by 2016

Yes, endoscopy devices are really useful. Less invasive than traditional surgical procedures, and with the addition of more things like 3D cameras, they will turn you inside and out. There's a lot of hidden financial booty for companies working their way up your booty.  

Ultrasound 'making waves' for enhancing biofuel production

All chefs know that "you have to break some eggs to make an omelet," and that includes engineers at Iowa State University who are using high-frequency sound waves to break down plant materials in order to cook up a better batch of biofuel.

Elephants 'sing' using ultrasound

Elephants are communicating using infrasound in a very similar manner to human speech or singing, new research has revealed.

Dr Who's sonic screwdriver created

Scottish physicists have built a real-life sonic screwdriver, like the one used by Doctor Who - and say it's most likely to be used for surgery.

Male contraception achieved using ultrasound

Modern ultrasound equipment could be used as a male contraceptive, University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers say.