Former USSR countries hit by malware attacks

Trend Micro security researchers say they've discovered a major series of malware attacks targeting systems in Russia and other former Soviet states.

Russian porn star takes credit for downing adult torrent site

A Russian porn star known as Alexander Pistols is taking credit for (temporarily) shutting down Pornolab, one of the largest adult BitTorrent tracker in the world.

What happens when a crocodile swallows a cell phone?

Does that crocodile have her own ringtone? Nope, that's just 14-year-old Gena who swallowed a visitor's cell phone over the weekend in a Ukranian aquarium.

Nuclear blast site Chernobyl to open for tourists

For nearly 25 years, the Ukranian government has prohibited any non-authorized individual from visiting the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, due to radiation concerns that still exist. However, that's soon going to change.