Slide-to-unlock is 'obvious', rules Apple patent judge

Apple's lost the battle over its 'slide to unlock' patent in the UK, with a High Court judge ruling that it's invalid.

Jimmy Wales steps in to try and halt extradition

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is calling for the US to abandon its attempt to extradite British student Richard O'Dwyer over alleged copyright offenses.

British ISPs to start blocking Pirate Bay

The UK High Court has ordered the country's ISPs to block file-sharing website The Pirate Bay.

UK government plans widespread web monitoring

The British government is planning to give itself the power to monitor phone calls, texts, emails and website visits, in a move that has outraged privacy campaigners.

Pirate Bay faces UK blockade

The Pirate Bay could be blocked in the UK following a court ruling that it illegally encourages users to infringe music copyright.

News Corp accused of more hacking

News Corp, which ate massive amounts of crow after its tabloid publications were accused of unlawful hacking, is now facing a new allegation.

Malware targets human rights activists

Hackers have successfully compromised the UK version of Amnesty International's website by serving malware that exploits a recently-patched vulnerability in Java.

No body scan opt-out at UK airports

Passengers traveling through British airports will not be allowed to opt out of full body scans, the transport secretary has said.

UK man charged with using BBM to organize water fight

Two British men have been given four years in jail for using Facebook to unsuccessfully incite a riot - and another's been charged over a Blackberry message calling for a water fight.

Juror gets 8 months for using Facebook

A UK woman who admitted to contacting a defendant while she was on the jury of her trial will be imprisoned for eight months.

UK moves to loosen copyright restrictions

A UK government report has recommended sweeping changes to the country's copyright laws.

Climate change could hit your Wifi, report warns

Climate change doesn't just mean a threat to polar bears and penguins - it could damage your precious Wifi signal as well, a UK government report has warned.

Report: Twitter wants to buy TweetDeck for $50 million

Twitter is reportedly in talks to buy TweetDeck for approximately $50 million.

Five arrested in anti-Anonymous crackdown

UK security officials have arrested five individuals suspected of participating in DDoS (distributed denial of service) activities under the auspices of an Anonymous-led campaign in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

UK considers full block on internet porn

Just imagine the conversation. "Darling... Do you mind if we enable pornography?"

Gran Turismo 5 is a sales juggernaut in UK

Gran Turismo 5 has dethroned Call of Duty: Black Ops from the top spot of the UK's weekly game sales lists, as the insanely-long-time-developed game begins its run to actually becoming profitable.

UK proposes scrapping net neutrality

The UK would abolish net neutrality, under proposals put forward by communications minister Ed Vaizey yesterday.

UK gamers will get Xbox 360 Kinect November 10

Microsoft aims to make its motion-sensing peripheral a global holiday hit, announcing today that it will bring Kinect across the Atlantic Ocean less than a week after it hits store shelves in the US.

Outcry as UK watchdog clears Google of snooping

The UK's Information Commissioner has ruled that Google did no harm with its unauthorised collection of Wifi data, a move which has angered privacy campaigners.

Facebook launches service to protect kids online

Facebook has caved in to continued pressure from child protection groups and launched a limited 'panic button' service for teenagers in the UK.