Hubble spots a spiral galaxy edge-on

The NASA Hubble Space Telescope recently observed a galaxy known as NGC 2683, which astronomers jokingly refer to as the "UFO Galaxy."

Solar prominence - or UFO?

Is this a picture of a Death Star-type UFO refueling on the surface of the sun? Well, no.

Details released for UFO

Hawthorne Productions has announced some pertinent details surrounding UFO, its upcoming sci-fi thriller. It’s certainly not a AAA production, but there are a few names we recognize working on the film.

Was the Roswell "UFO" really a Nazi-inspired Soviet aircraft?

Area 51 has long been a mecca for alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists interested in uncovering its deep, dark secrets.

"Hottel memo" Alien hoax reappears online after 60 years

It seems like some people will believe almost anything as they continue to pursue the so-called "truth" behind Area 51.

Iran claims launch of flying saucer

Iranian scientists are claiming to have built a functioning flying saucer, state news service Farsnews reports.

International UFO convention tries to be serious

The words "UFO convention" may conjure up images of aliens, Area 51, and fringe vests, but what about business professionals and politicians?

Archeology professors dig for UFO evidence

An archeological team associated with the University of New Mexico recently spent a whopping $26,000 digging for evidence of UFO activity in Roswell.

Eisenhower and Churchill in wartime UFO coverup

No, this isn't a crackpot story written by the infamous Melvin Frohike, Richard "Ringo" Langly and John Byers.