UCSB astronomer uncovers the hidden identity of an exoplanet

Hovering about 70 light-years from Earth –– that's "next door" by astronomical standards –– is a star astronomers call HD 97658, which is almost bright enough to see with the naked eye.

How to manipulate light on superconducting chips

Physicists at UC Santa Barbara are manipulating light on superconducting chips, forging new pathways to designing the quantum devices of the future – including super-fast and powerful quantum computers.

Solar power beats biofuels for powering cars

Photovoltaics (PV) technology is much more efficient than biomass at fuelling a car, say researchers, making a mockery of the US 2005 energy bill that calls for more use of corn ethanol as a biofuel.

DNA-based gel moves when stimulated

Artificial muscles are a step closer to reality, with the creation of a  dynamic 'goo' made of DNA that responds to stimuli mechanically, much like a real cell.

Quantum processor factors prime number

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have built a quantum processor that can factor a composite number - in this case the number 15 - into its constituent prime factors, 3 and 5.