Device screens act as solar chargers

Soon, devices such as phones and laptops could charge themselves thanks to displays that double as solar cells.

Planetary system looks very like our own

With the discovery of a fourth giant planet, astronomers are hailing the HR 8799 system as remarkably similar to our own.

Battery of the future not yet assembled.

The average consumer of electronic devices wishes for a longer lasting, rechargeable battery that gives them more charges. Nanotechnology that is already being used in most conventional batteries and new research could give birth to a tiny generation of rechargeable batteries that hold more energy than ever before.

UCLA develops holographic, cell phone-powered microscope

Scientists are going to perform research on HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, with the help of a cell phone and a brand new kind of microscope.

'Gene-like' crystals could capture CO2

UCLA chemists have created synthetic gene-like crystals that they say could capture heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions.