New technique makes "biogasoline" from plant waste

Gasoline-like fuels can be made from cellulosic materials such as farm and forestry waste using a new process invented by chemists at the University of California, Davis. The process could open up new markets for plant-based fuels, beyond existing diesel substitutes.

Genetically engineered bacteria grow fuel from sunlight

Scientists have engineered bacteria to make the precursor chemicals for fossil fuels and plastics, a breakthrough for the chemical industry.

Meteorite hit atmosphere at 64,000 mph

A meteorite that exploded as a fireball over California's Sierra foothills last April was one of the fastest and rarest known to have hit Earth.

Lousy weather destroyed Mayan civilization

Decades of extreme weather first weakened the Mayan culture and then killed off much of the population.

Superfast evolution revealed

New species can arise in just a few thousand years, say scientists who have tracked the process in action.

Scientists show how to scrunch up space-time

Mathematicians say they've discovered a new way to crinkle up the fabric of space-time - at least in theory.

Pepper-spraying cop made into shameful Internet meme

Remember the portly cop who brought shame onto his profession by pepper-spraying peaceful Occupy UC Davis protesters?

Is this what a police state looks like?

Numerous videos and images of police violently cracking down against peaceful OccupyWallStreet (OWS) protestors have gone viral in recent weeks.

Nitrogen in rocks could help counter climate change

Researchers have discovered that forest trees can tap into the nitrogen found in rocks, boosting their growth and allowing them to take up more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Evolution won't save us from climate change

Animals and plants may not be able to keep pace with climate change by evolving, a UC Davis study suggests.